Every Child Learns Math Differently

Every child learns differently. At IvyMath, we’ll create an individualized learning plan designed just for your child. Then we’ll pair them with a Learning Coach who perfectly matches their learning style, sense of humor, and personality!

Your first step is to schedule 3 FREE IvyMath sessions to see what online personalized learning is all about. We have limited slots available, so signup quickly.

Schedule your IvyMath Assessment

After a crazy year of hybrid and remote learning, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your child doesn’t have any learning gaps. Your first step is to schedule a free online assessment with an IvyMath instructor so you can see how your child compares to grade-level benchmarks.

Call us at (617) 862-0769 or email info@ivymath.com to schedule your FREE assessment!

I was worried my son’s math skills had declined after the pandemic. IvyMath quickly identified my son’s math weaknesses and created a plan to overcome them. Knowing he will start the next school year with full math confidence gives me such peace of mind.  – Jennifer D., IvyMath Parent

What We Do

IvyMath is effective. We offer online private tutoring for grades 3-8. Your child will work 1-on-1 in short, focused, 30-minute online sessions with our fun and engaging Learning Coaches.

IvyMath is flexible and convenient. Our math membership starts from $325/month for twice-a-week online tutoring with flexible scheduling and free rescheduling.

IvyMath is personalized and fun! Our Learning Coaches are some of the most friendly, high-energy, and fun people you’ll meet — at IvyMath, your child will love learning!

Your IvyMath Membership

When you become an IvyMath member, you’ll have access to a comprehensive set of math resources:

  • Individualized learning plan and curriculum, designed just for your child
  • Online coaching sessions twice a week, 30 min per session
  • Monthly parent updates on your child’s progress from your instructor
  • Schoolwork help and studying (optional)

As a IvyMath member, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that your child will be well-prepared for highschool math and beyond.

I am so thankful for IvyMath! I had no idea my child was struggling with certain grade level math concepts – her school grades are all A’s. IvyMath worked with her to overcome her weak spots and she’s working above grade level now.
– Neal H., IvyMath Parent

What You Need To Do

Your first step is to assess how your child compares to grade-level benchmarks. You can schedule a free, 45-minute online assessment and parent-conference for your child with our staff. We’ll discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses and highlight areas that we need to focus on going forward. Call us at (617) 862-0769 or email info@ivymath.com to schedule your FREE assessment!