We believe that math should be a source of confidence for every child.

Our Mission

We believe that every student deserves to feel mastery in their math. So many children have gaps in understanding that are undiagnosed at a young age and never get addressed. As these understanding gaps grow, math becomes a source of confusion and stress. We believe that one-on-one online tutoring is the most powerful way to allow your child to find confidence in their math early and maintains that confidence throughout middle school and into highschool.

Our Values

The secret to great math education is pretty simple: great teachers. IvyMath instructors are some of the friendliest, funniest, most encouraging people you will ever meet, and they are fantastic at explaining complex ideas simply. Every year, we invest heavily in training, hiring, coaching, and quality control to make sure that every single IvyMath instructor is world-class.

Our Philosophy

Our education philosophy is all about personalization. We believe that every child has a unique learning style and a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. And so we design a custom learning plan for every child. We work to match your child with the exact instructor who will be a good fit for them and can get the best out of them. In our sessions, we don’t cover every topic equally, we focus on areas of need for your child.