Meet our Team!

Kassie Zavaliagkos

Education Director, Northeastern University

Kassie is a serial edtech entrepreneur and has worked with thousands of students in her career as an educator. As an expert in one-on-one math tutoring and product development, Kassie is constantly looking for ways to leverage new technology to unlock learning opportunities for our students. Kassie is a proud graduate of the D’amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.

Dominique Fahmy

Math Instructor, Princeton University

Dominique has been tutoring math and science for over a decade. She is passionate about intentional pedagogy and the power of education to transform a student’s energy, confidence, and outlook. Dominique is a graduate of Princeton University, where she studied studio art and neuroscience. Some of her interests outside the (virtual) classroom include baking, hiking, reading, contemporary art, and learning languages!

Jonah Brenner

Math Instructor, Harvard University

Jonah fell in love with tutoring math three years ago, when he discovered that the only activity more enjoyable than learning is getting others excited about learning. In his free time, Jonah enjoys playing soccer, strumming the guitar, hiking, and learning languages. Jonah is currently a student at Harvard University, where he plans to study applied math and neuroscience. He can’t wait to meet you all!

Matt Brown

Math Instructor, UMass Amherst

Matt “Math” Brown has a masters degree in applied math at UMass Amherst and 15 years of math tutoring experience from elementary school all the way to grad level. When he’s not out beating up supervillains, he spend his 9-5 putting together and analyzing cool data sets to help our government keep the American people healthy!  

Kayla Xin-Ru

Math Instructor, University of California, Berkeley

Kayla is a passionate educator whose work focuses on issues of equity and pedagogy. Kayla has a dual degree in Mathematics and Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley and the Haas School of Business. Kayla has been tutoring K-12 math for over 6 years and is currently spending a year teaching at public schools in Little Rock Arkansas with the AmeriCorps program.

Nathaniel Macasaet

Math Instructor, University of California, Berkeley

Nathaniel has been tutoring math for over four years, and loves making connections with students so that learning becomes exciting and fun. In his free time, Nathaniel enjoys making music and sharing it with the world, along with playing chess! Nathaniel is currently studying Engineering at UC Berkeley. As a proud instructor at IvyMath, Nathaniel is excited to allow the inner mathematician in all of us to shine.

Seth Woodhead

Math Instructor, University of Florida

Seth has been tutoring math for the past 5 years and loves being able see students develop the confidence to challenge themselves! Seth is currently pursuing masters in Economics from the University of Florida. In his free time, he enjoys running, skateboarding, cooking, coding, and hanging out with his dog and cat!

Jin Yan

Math Instructor, Rice University

Jin has been tutoring math for over five years. Her favorite part about working with students is the variety and spontaneity that each child brings as well as the visible effects a mentor can have on a child’s growth. Jin is currently studying Economics, Psychology, and Art History at Rice University. In her free time, Jin can be found reading fantasy novels, listening to K-pop, and watching Korean dramas! 

Oonagh Kligman

Math Instructor, Goucher University

Oonagh Kligman is passionate about making sure every young mathematician has the opportunity to thrive. A proud Goucher graduate, she spent her time in college majoring in math and working with the Association for Women in Mathematics to increase women and girl’s math access. She has more than 5 years of tutoring experience, from first grade all the way to grad school. When she is not on zoom with her students, she likes making pasta from scratch and playing with her cat, Gingko Stinko.

Glory Eke

Director of Operations, Southern Methodist University

Glory Eke has over a decade of experience working at startups in operational and customer-facing roles. Glory oversees all IvyMath scheduling, logistics, and parent relations. Her favorite part about our work is talking to parents who are overjoyed to see their children become more confident in themselves!

Jesse Irving

HR & Interviewing, IvyMath

Jesse loves learning about new people and new places, and has worked and played in many different areas. In her previous lives, Jesse has been professional trumpet player, played on a roller hockey league, working as a laboratory animal technician, assisting a pipe organ tuner, training wild burros. Jesse lives in California where she love spending time in nature and hanging out with her dogs and horses!