A Personalized Math Program Designed Just For Your Child

Online Private Tutoring via Zoom

One-on-one private instruction means that our staff really gets to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses. We do highly targeted 30/60 minute sessions to focus specifically on the areas of weakness for your child and assign homework throughout the week to practice what we’ve learned together.

Every month you’ll get an in depth update from our education director on your child’s growth, struggles, and how they are tracking on their quarterly and yearly goals.

Student: Teacher Ratio


Sessions per Week

1 or 2

Minutes per Session


Rising 2021 Grades

2 – 8

It’s All About Personalization

Everything about IvyMath is personalized. Your child will have a custom learning plan designed around their strengths and weaknesses. And each private session will specifically focus more on the areas where they need practice and less on the areas where they’re already confident. Our program is built on the knowledge that every child has a different learning style and personality!

How Does Your Child Compare
to Grade Level Benchmarks?

After two years of pandemic schooling, it’s more important than ever to make sure your child has math confidence. Your first step is to schedule a free, 45-minute online assessment and parent conference so you can see how your child compares to grade-level benchmarks.

Currently, we’re offering a special promo of a free assessment for new students! All tutoring is done online, so your child can do math from anywhere with internet access. Scheduling is flexible, making it easy to plan around travel or extracurricular activities.

Call us at (617) 862-0769 or email info@ivymath.com to schedule your FREE assessment!